Would You Rather? Group Activity

By CCLI | 2022
Key Curriculum Idea

This light-hearted activity helps groups of people get to know each other better and helps set the stage for deeper conversations about identity and culture.


This activity works well on its own as an introductory movement and conversation activity to help groups get to know each other.  It is lighthearted and sets a tone of comfort and sharing.  (For a more formal activity, it pairs well with the Values Spectrum Activity, helping to illuminate how all of the ways that we make decisions and view the world are part of our individual cultural identities.)

What’s Needed:

Room with enough space for the group to move around.

To Do:

Invite participants to stand up, letting them know that for this activity they’ll be moving around the room.


This activity is called, Would you Rather? When I give you the categories, please go stand in the area of the room that I point to that corresponds to the thing that you would rather.  When you get to that area of the room, talk with the other folks there about the choice they’ve made. So, would you rather…. (Sometimes participants don’t want to choose either one. Encourage them to choose one, but to express their lack of enthusiasm for that choice in the small group… Or, if you’d like, let them form a group in the middle that is the ‘neither one’ group. This seems especially important on the scuba or outer space question.)

1. Eat broccoli or carrots?
2. Eat out or cook in?
3. Scuba dive or go into outer space?
4. Travel by train or by plane?
5. Drive or be driven?
6. Vacation at the beach or in the mountains?
7. Watch Star Trek or Star Wars?

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