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CCLI (Cultural Competence Learning Institute) guides museum staff as they catalyze diversity and inclusion efforts in their institutions. CCLI believes that leaders reside at every level of an organization and the program works with museums of all sizes and disciplines to center equity.

Our Vision
museums engaging in organizational change focused on equity

CCLI imagines a world in which museums transform themselves to recognize and respond to different values and needs, curating experiences and collections that touch the lives of a diversity of audiences. Success for museums in the 21st century will depend on embracing organizational change so that museums can meaningfully connect with new and diverse audiences.

Grounded in the idea that building cultural competence is an ongoing journey, we believe that organizations should begin by identifying where they are, build from their strengths, and change organizational practice to be more inclusive and equitable. Focused on organizational change, our professional development resources support museum teams and individuals on that journey.

Inclusive organizations create environments where each member of the group feels valued, able to reach their potential and engaged in contributing to the organization’s success. Equitable organizations acknowledge differences in privilege, access, and need, and support space for appropriate adaptation and accommodation.

grounded in museum experience. relevant. responsive.

CCLI was conceived in 2013 as a professional development model to help museum leaders catalyze diversity and inclusion efforts within their institutions. Building on the contributions of each of the four founding partner organizations, and firmly grounded in museum experience, CCLI’s philosophy is that organizational change is necessary to make meaningful progress in advancing equity.

Building from the Institute of Museum and Library Services report Museums, Libraries and 21st Century Skills, CCLI focuses on three 21st Century skills that help museums advance their cultural competency: Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration, and Global Awareness.

With seven completed year-long cohorts that include 35 institutions and 125 individual participants, CCLI continues to learn from and lead museums as they develop their organizational cultural competence and become more inclusive. Learn more about the CCLI Cohort Experience.

a collaborative approach

The Cultural Competence Learning Institute is a partnership between the following institutions:

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